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Best Family Lawyer in Delhi

We have a team of specialized Family Lawyers to deal with all your Family related cases. 

  • Marriage and Registration
  •  Adoption
  • Matters relating to Guardians
  • Divorce
  • Jurisdictional Issues

Family law is a branch of law that specialises in problems involving family ties, including marriage, adoption, divorce, and child custody, among others. In family courts and other related agreements, family lawyers represent clients. They can also prepare crucial legal papers like property agreements or court petitions.

Some family law specialists even focus on issues unrelated to divorce, such as emancipation, paternity, and adoption. The topic of family touches on so many areas of one’s life. As a result, attorneys in the sector assist clients with a wide range of delicate concerns that many people wouldn’t presume fall under the purview of family law.

A Family lawyer’s Benefits

The maximum family lawyers defend their clients in divorce proceedings and other related conditions. Family law, however, covers a wide range of topics.  Having an expert legal practitioner with you will help you ensure that person is correctly represented and protected during the legal process because family law issues are personal in nature.

The following are the areas where our association is experienced in working.

  1. Divorce : Each partner retains their own legal counsel, who will assist in drafting a settlement agreement to prevent a trial. The majority of the time, divorce lawyers are efficient at allocating marital assets, determining spousal support, and developing a strategy for child support, custody, and visitation.
  2. Child Custody and Support : Court decisions and settlement agreements pertaining to both custody and support are often a part of the wider divorce case, but they may be reviewed as circumstances change. For instance, if the non-custodial parent’s financial condition changes, child support may be adjusted.
  3. Paternity : In the majority of instances, paternity cases are brought by the mother in an effort to collect child support from a non-parental figure. However, there are instances where biological fathers submit a paternity claim in order to maintain contact with their child. DNA testing is frequently used to establish paternity.
  4. Adoption : adoption is a complex process that varies depending on the type of adoption, the child’s origin, differences in state rules, and other details. As a result, speaking with a family lawyer is important. Even though adoption of foster children by foster parents does occasionally occur, legal counsel is not always necessary during the foster process. 

Maini and the association have thorough experience in family law. They are assisting a lot of people with family law cases. In the high court and other courts, Ms. Maini excels at handling family law issues. For further information and assistance, get in touch with us Best advocates in high court