MS MAINI & ASSOCIATES Ms. Maini & Associates has over 20 years of experience as Mcom, Mom, LLM, Vice-President of the Law Society of Louth Avenue, CBI, Labor and Labor Tribunals. We assist our clients in all stages of litigation related matters including Criminal Law, Residence Permit, Civil Law, Property Law, Family Law with the legal expertise of our eminent lawyers from Delhi High Court and Supreme Court.

Criminal Lawyer In Delhi High Court

Practice Areas

Criminal Law

If you are looking for the Best Criminal Lawyer in Delhi high court. then, We had successfully handled various types of criminal cases including criminal misappropriation of assets, offenses against the state, falsification and disobedience.

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Corporate Law

We provide a spectrum of legal services under corporate laws. We have expertise in handling corporate law cases including joint ventures, company mergers etc.

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Property Law

Private property is an important source of individual autonomy, giving individuals independence and identity distinct from others.

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Stay Order

The temporarily stopping or delaying the judicial procedure through the court or legal way in India to protect a citizen’s rights is called a “stay order.”

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Bail Lawyer

Many times, many of you may feel that you are under false beliefs. In this situation, it is very important for you to find the right Best Bail Lawyer in Delhi High Court to help you through the necessary trials.

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Family Lawyer

We have a team of specialized Family Lawyers to deal with all your Family related cases. Marriage and Registration Adoption etc. 

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Our History

M.S. Maini and Associates is a Delhi based law firm founded in the year 2002. Advocate M.S. Maini is among the top lawyers in Delhi high court having more than 20 years of experience in practicing and handling various type of cases independently including civil law cases, criminal cases, family issues cases, property cases etc.

Our team of specialized advocates, solicitors and legal consultants having enormous knowledge to handle and solve your legal cases professionally. Advocate M. S. Maini’s office is in Rohini Court, Delhi/advocate in Delhi high court.

  • Member of international council of jurists
  • Legal Consultants, solicitors & Advocates
    Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court & District Courts
  • Vice President of Rouse Avenue Court Bar Association

We at M.S. MAINI & ASSOCIATES are not only concerned with the quality of law services but also care about the values, commitment, and behaviours towards fulfilment of our client’s objective.
We value the trust and beliefs showed in us by our esteemed clients and provide a dedicated service with an honest and direct approach in all our dealings with our clients.

It is a law firm with individuals having various skills. The firm has a completely committed team made up of talented and creative lawyers with experience in many litigation and corporate legal fields. The firm has made a strong effort to build a reputation in the legal community and is now well-known for its exceptional, customer-focused, and reasonably priced legal services. The firm’s guiding principle of client satisfaction serves as its core. Our staff is committed to offering our customers faultless services in a timely manner. We are proud to report that we have established a goal of client happiness and are continually looking for ways to improve upon firm’s philosophy.

Because of their extensive scope and complexity, Indian laws and the Indian legal system are difficult for the average person to understand. Our leading team is committed to providing cost-effective assistance to our clients in comprehending and abiding by these laws and legal procedures. MS Maini & Associates is making every effort to achieve this goal since it genuinely believes in building great relationships with its clients.

The firm offers specialised services in a wide range of fields, including civil disputes, criminal cases, family disputes, corporate & business law matters, banking & insurance law matters, consumer disputes, service disputes, intellectual property rights issues, taxation laws, media laws, and many others.

MS Maini’s office is in Rohini court, New Delhi. He is among one of the top criminal lawyers in Rohini court and also best criminal lawyer in high court. MS maini and associates is expertise team of bail lawyers in high court and Rohini court. MS maini is also a well-known lawyer as best Stay order lawyer in high court.

Business Years
Satisfied Clients
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Why Choose Us?

Ms maini and associates is a law firm with best advocate in Rohini dedicated to provide pioneering solutions to its clients. For us, practising law is a profession, not a business. We continuously strive to achieve this goal and make sure that we win our clients’ respect by becoming their trusted advisors and criminal lawyer in Delhi high court moving forward. The attorneys at Ms maini and associates have required skills and experienced to give seamless legal services and advice to clients on complex matters both in their litigation and corporate & commercial matters. Our knowledgeable and devoted attorneys strive ardently to minimise problems for clients and increase earnings. Our high-quality work and rapid progress are proof that extraordinary things can happen when the brightest brains come together. Our best bail lawyer in high court is not only affordable but also practical and specifically designed to address the most complex legal problems at hand. In this manner we are different. While quality and cost may be directly correlated for other legal firms, we have demonstrated that excellent work need not be dependent on price. At Ms maini and associates, each and every assignment is given due time and attention to produce best possible solution for the client within the framework of law.  The most significant part of our goal is to develop into a top-notch law practise while upholding the moral principles instilled in our firm’s lawyer in Rohini court.

Our Basic Principles:

We strongly emphasise and live by the following ideals at work:

  • Honesty and Integrity,
  • Devotion, Communication Transparency,
  • Professionalism,
  • and Responsibility

One of the Top – Rated Law Firm in Delhi

Ms Maini and Associates is a well-known full-service law practise in India having Best Bail Lawyer in Delhi High Court. Reputable legal directories have recommended the company. The vast majority of employees and customers have been with the company for a long time, which demonstrates its commitment to acting as a trusted advisor for its precious associates and customers. Ms Maini and associates practise leaders and associates routinely talk on current legal topics in reputable discussion forums. our Several attorneys have written parts for well-known legal journals and books. Needless to say, Ms Maini and Associates is a preferred company for Best Criminal Lawyer in Delhi high court legal professionals.