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Our Corporate Practice focuses on the business objectives of our clients. Our work with joint ventures, partnerships and private corporations includes drafting partnership, shareholder, joint venture, voting and buy-sell agreements, all aspects of ownership structuring , private placement debt and equity financing, and corporate reorganizations.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Partnership and joint venture agreements
  • Setting up offshore business
  • Tax structures and planning
  • Private Equity and Joint Ventures

Being a corporate lawyer involves dealing with a wide variety of work characteristics that must be met. A corporate attorney represents the business’s legal side. Assisting the board of directors, overseeing the company’s legal matters, defending the organisation’s interests to officials of the other party, and ensuring that the business and its directors comply with the law are all responsibilities of a corporate lawyer. A corporate lawyer’s duties also include establishing open lines of communication with all relevant parties, ensuring dividend payments, and keeping shareholder and director lists and yearly financial reports.

MS Maini & Associates is a law firm that practices corporate and commercial law extensively. Our team of corporate lawyers in high court offers corporations solutions to the issues they encounter on a regular basis. These issues would be ones that originated from the creation of a new corporate entity, a transfer, or the demise of a company. Our team of corporate attorneys is prepared to handle cases involving representation before various government agencies, including the Foreign Investment Promotion Board, the Reserve Bank of India, and the Office(s) of the Registrar of Companies, obtaining all types of commercial or statutory registrations, and receiving legal counsel, support, and strategy on a range of laws, including the Companies Act, Foreign Exchange Management Act, Foreign Direct Investment Policy, and Competition Law etc.

Ms. Maini is a corporate lawyer in High Court who handles cases such

  • Acquisitions & Mergers
  • Joint-venture and partnership agreements
  • Establishing an offshore company
  • Tax planning and structures
  • Joint ventures and private equity

We advise public and privately held companies on mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructurings, private equity and venture capital, underwritten and syndicated offerings, commercial finance and syndicated lending, cross-border transactions and general corporate matters.

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