Criminal Lawyer In Delhi High Court

Criminal Lawyer In Delhi High Court

Best Criminal Lawyer In Rohini Court/ Delhil high court.

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  • Criminal Damage
  • Shoplifting/Theft
  • VAT Offences
  • Driving offences
  • Fraud
  • Dowry Case U/s 498a IPC

Advocate Manmeet Maini is a renowned lawyer in Delhi high court who specialises in criminal law. He maintains a practice at the Delhi High Court and Rohini court in addition to having an office in Rohini Court. Ms. Maini is a well-known criminal lawyer in Rohini court with 20 years of experience who primarily practices criminal law at the Supreme Court, High Court, and District Court. 

M.S. Maini is a lawyer who focuses on defending people and businesses accused of criminal activity. While he works for numerous jurisdictions with criminal courts, where he is appointed to represent the views of parties in concern and is usually referred as a public defender.

 Since that time, he has been practicing criminal law at the Supreme Court of India, the Delhi High Court, and various other High Courts across the nation. He is a current member of both the Supreme Court Bar Association and the Delhi High Court Bar Association in New Delhi.

These are some of the various areas where M.S Maini can help you.

  1. Providing legal aid for police complaints, FIR registration, and criminal complaints: This is an essential step in a criminal case since it determines the legal foundation for your case going forward.
  2. Support for filing or defence in cases under section 138 of the N.I. Act before a magistrate.
  3. Offering arguments in support of various criminal complaints under provisions/sections of the Indian Penal Code.
  4. Presenting arguments in petitions filed under section 482 of the Cr. P.C.
  5. Providing legal counsel for anticipatory bail and normal bail under Sections 438 and 437 of the Criminal Procedure Code.
  6. Section 154 of the Criminal Procedure Code which covers making a criminal complaint at the police station.
  7. Defending customers against violations of the Companies Act, such as fraud and deception.
  8. Presenting arguments or submitting criminal writs in relation to acquittal and conviction.
  9. Offering legal support in murder cases under section 300 of the Indian Penal Code.
  10. Offering legal support in cases involving dowry death under Section 304b of The Indian Penal Code.

The right to seek legal advice is crucial since it will serve as the foundation for your argument. It is necessary for every suspect to hire a best advocate to come out of criminal cases. It’s essential that you know your legal rights if you’ve been charged with any of the crimes. Make sure you have a powerful legal defence lawyer on your side because a run-in with the criminal court system can have serious implications.

Contact M.S Maini to get best help and advice. He is a Criminal Lawyer in Delhi High Court. He is well known as the best bail lawyer in high court.