Bail Lawyer in high court

Best Bail Lawyers in Delhi High Court

Best Bail Lawyers in Delhi High Court

Many times, many of you may feel that you are under false beliefs. In this situation, it is very important for you to find the right bail lawyer to help you through the necessary trials. If you’ve been looking for a reputable and Best Bail Lawyers in Delhi High Court, you’ve come to the right place. At MS maini, we have something for everyone, and with a team of professional bail attorneys, we are committed to meeting your needs in many ways. We are here to provide you with our hard-to-find knowledge, know-how, experience and skills.

What is Bail?

Any action which is illegal and subject to punishment is considered a crime. Bail refers to the temporary release of a suspect in any criminal offence where court proceedings are pending and after completing the required bail bond. It can be done immediately after the arrest and goes into effect at that time only. When a suspect is apprehended, his statement is recorded with personal details such as his name, birthplace, current address, date of birth, profession, phone number, and the accusations that have been brought against him. In order to file a case against the accused, the police officer may also review the accused’s fingerprints and, if there is record of his prior criminal history at the police station.

Bail is categorized into 3 types

  • Regular bail is applied under Section- 437 and Section 439 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. An individual who is currently in police custody for an offence or who is being accused of committing the offence is given a regular bail.
  • Anticipatory bail is demanded in pursuance of Section 438 of the Criminal Procedure Code. Anticipatory bail is used when a person is afraid of being arrested by the authorities.
  • Interim bail is a type of bail given in substitution of regular or anticipatory bail. This is because the High Court or Court of Sessions needs to receive documentation from subordinate courts, which could take a while in order to grant bail. Interim bail is attainable during this span of time. If it passes out, it might also be extended.

Application for Bail

An individual who has been arrested is sent to the police station to file a report. For the bail concern, a person must seek the assistance of a criminal lawyer.

Bail under bailable offence

A suspect accused of a crime that qualifies for bail needs to submit Form-45 given in the Second Schedule to the court which is hearing the case in order to get bail. Without the permission of the court, the bail cannot be granted. The terms and conditions of the “Bail Bond” could include things like:  Each time he is required to show before the police officer, the Accused has to do so. The police’s inquiry does not authorise the accused to in any manner manipulate the evidence. Further, if the person obtained bail breaches the conditions of the bail, the court is empowered to revoke bail to the accused even though the offence is bailable.

Bail under non-bailable offense

The same documentation must be filed before the court hearing the suspect’s case if he is charged with an offence that is not eligible to bail; but the court owns the discretion to grant bail.

The court generally deny the request for bail if the “Bail Bond” has not been effectively performed for the offense that carries the possibility of the death penalty or life in prison, such as murder or rape, the accused has tried to evade police by hiding, or his credentials are questioned.

Submitting a Bail Payment

The court’s jurisdiction ultimately decides the amount of bail that the accused needs to deposit. Furthermore, a standard value is set by law and is required to be deposited in order to approve bail in criminal cases of lower importance.

Hearing for the grant of Bail

The judge considers every justification for granting bail before deciding whether to grant it or not. The Court is presented with the facts and evidence justifying the bail petition. The character of the accused, the nature of the offence, the accused’s employment and financial situation, whether the accused has a history of convictions, etc. are all things the court takes into account before approving or rejecting a bail request. When bail is approved, the court may also place additional terms on it.

What makes a lawyer necessary?

Bail is a significant stage in the criminal procedure for an accused person, so it must be handled with extreme caution.

Every person should obtain the advice and assistance of an experienced criminal lawyer as soon as they are arrested. The lawyer can aid the accused through the process of getting bail. Based on the particular offence committed and the unique circumstances of each case that can affect the accused person’s chances of being granted bail, only a skilled legal expert can provide the best advice. Hiring a lawyer becomes crucial to the process of getting bail because they are educated about the legislation relevant to each offence, and an understanding of the circumstances involved in the case.

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Our Team

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