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Civil Lawyer Delhi High Court

Civil law consists of a set of rules that deal with the behaviour of any individual or organization that can cause harm to any individual or organization.

  • Civil Recovery
  • Civil Suit
  • Money Loundering
  • Negligence and breach of contract
  • Property Damage

Law is a body of enforceable rules, legislation, and precedents that apply in a particular jurisdiction. To provide justice is law’s primary goal. The severity of each offence determines the appropriate amount of punishment. There are essentially two types of law: civil law and criminal law. Civil law deals with situations when an individual has been wronged. Crimes against society as a whole are covered by criminal law. The most frequent civil wrongs include murder, rape, negligence, and breach of contract. The colonial era is where civil and criminal laws first emerged.

The system’s key  components are 

1) Civil laws are a set of established legal regulations.

2) The codified Law is enforceable by everybody. In civil courts, there is less scope of laws made by judges. However, when weighing the practical aspect, the judges follow the precedents.

3) Legal scholars’ writings do have a significant impact on the courts.

 Subdivisions of Civil Laws

Conflicts between individuals and institutions are common in civil society. In order to create an impartial court system for settling disputes, civil laws are created. Civil laws cover a lot of ground. A few of them have been precisely defined and codified, and the remaining ones are founded on earlier examples. In India, some of the civil laws include:

 Family law, Contract law, Tort law, Business law, Media law, Sports law, Tax law, Consumer law, administrative law.

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